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  • New Adult Children Need Coverage Too

New Adult Children Need Coverage Too

Do you have a child who has recently turned 18 or is single without an estate plan?  Do they have any health care or durable powers of attorney in place should they become incapacitated?  Who will keep paying any bills they may have?  Who will talk to the doctors on their behalf if they're unable to speak for themselves?

Most people don't even consider having powers of attorney in place for their single, young adult children.  For parents of newly minted 18 year olds, you've just spent the last 18 years making all the financial and medical decisions and, even though your 18 year old might still be in high school, they are now legal adults who have to give permission for you to speak with the doctors and be involved in medical decisions.  The dynamics have shifted without you even realizing it.

We can help your young adult get powers of attorney and HIPAA Authorizations in place and on file with the Arizona Health Care Directive Registry so that, should some incident befall your child, medical providers will know they can still speak with you and allow you to be part of the healing process.

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